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Kitchen – where cooking is love made edible. The Kitchen is that one part of your home which is often the most used and a place where you ravishingly express your love for someone in a simple way. But Kitchens can be a total mess. Bunch of half-filled spice jars here, and piles of mismatched containers and boxes there! Cluttered stock of dishes by the sink and bags of bread on the countertop. But don’t worry!

Here are 12 simple ideas, following which your kitchen storage will not only look clean but it will also be clutter-free so that you can enjoy and mix your imagination with a twist on what matters the most – the food!

1.Create zones

This is the most important step in getting your kitchen running smoothly.  Think of your kitchen as having ‘zones’: baking items, chopping/meal prep, pots & pans, coffee & tea station, food storage, things we drink out of, things we eat off of, serving items. like:

  • The cookware zone: stash pots and pans in the cabinets nearest to the stove for easy access.
  • The dish zone: store regular utensils and glasses near the kitchen table or the dish washing area.
  • The seasoning items: arrange spices and cooking oils in order of most used to least used.
  • The storage zone: keep reusable containers and food wraps together.
  • Pots, pans and baking: nest nonstick pans carefully to avoid scratching the synthetic coating, use standing dividers to keep baking sheets organized, for extra room try storing pot lids in holders on cabinet doors.
  • Dishes and servingware: keep fancy dishes or serving bowls on the top shelf and everyday plates and bowls on the bottom shelf. Avoid breaking and collecting dust by hanging all glasses from the stem using a simple mounted hanger rack.
  • Cabinet doors: maximize efficiency by using the door interiors. Glue a sheet of cork board to pin this week’s recipes or a baking conversation cheat sheet. Centralize food storage by keeping tin foil and plastic wrap within reach.

2.Use transparent containers

One of the best ways to save space in your kitchen and keep it neat is to use transparent containers. Store everything from spices and baking ingredients to biscuits, chips, and loose-leaf tea in glass containers. If you plan to store things like flour, sugar, and baking powder on open shelves, opt for attractive matching containers like glass jars or metal tins.

3.A convenient spot for cleaning supplies

Oh what a dream, to have all your cleaning supplies in one spot! While your cleaning products are usually found overflowing beneath the kitchen sink (an area we’ll talk about in a minute), you have to stash brooms and mops between coats and parkas in the hallway closet because they won’t fit anywhere else. This cool cabinet streamlines the cleaning process by keeping everything in one spot, and it makes the most of the unused space at the narrow end of your kitchen cupboards.

4.The drawer dividers

Ever struggle to find exactly what you need ? The drawer dividers make a world of difference in your daily routine. You can buy simple wooden dividers you install yourself, or get organizing trays with separate areas for your stuff. Once you have the dividers, use them to organize items like your entire knife, silverware, and cooking utensils. You will never be frustrated again. When everything is exactly where it should be, the only thing you have to worry about is what to make for dinner.

5.Pull out storage solutions

Why bend, dig or hunch down to access your cabinet space, when an organizer can put all of the contents on display with just the pull of a knob or handle? Pull-out storage, also referred to as roll-out cabinet storage, is a great way to keep everything you need in the kitchen right at your fingertips. Finding what you need is effortless, and your knees will thank you. These storage solutions are assembled with a wheel-track system, allowing you to quickly and easily access items like:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Storage containers
  • Pots and pans
  • And so much more…

6.Embrace baskets for food storage

Keeping your pantry and food cabinet organized isn’t just great for aesthetic purposes, but knowing where everything will make it easier to cook often and choose healthy snacks. Buy sets of matching wire baskets to clear plastic bins in different sizes for storing all your food items. Organize your food by type so you have separate baskets for your bread products, baking goods, canned food items and snacks, for example.

7.Keep the lazy susan

Lazy Susans are the Little Black Dresses of Kitchens: Useful, versatile, convenient, and stylish, they can do so much more than just sit on the dining table and hold your napkins. Get creative and use Lazy Susans in different sizes and different areas of the kitchen. Stick a Lazy Susan in the fridge to organize beverages or little bowls of pre-chopped and prepped ingredients for dinner.

8.Under-The-Sink drawer

Most homes have a cabinet under the sink. Instead of wrestling to get bottles of cleaning solution out from behind the sink’s pipes, you could just slide the whole drawer out to access whatever it is you need. If revamping your kitchen to include a drawer isn’t an option, you can also install a sliding organizer under your sink for a similar effect.

Check our post on Home-made cleaning solutions.

9.Pull-out cutting board above the trash

No need to find a storage spot for this cutting board—it slides right back into the counter. Plus, as a bonus, it’s situated right above a pull-out trash can, so you can simply scoot any waste into the compost bin. There’s even a spot behind the trash can where you can store spare bags. Now that’s a thoughtful design!

10.Hidden compartments in unused areas

Instead of putting your dirty sponges on display for the whole world to see, you can tuck them away in this sneaky compartment, which replaces the faux drawer or trim in front of your sink. The pull-down panel is equipped with plastic tubs that are ideal for stashing cleaning supplies like sponges, scrub brushes, and more, and it will help keep your counters clutter-free.

11.Under-Cabinet cutting board storage shelves

Here’s a storage solution you can achieve without renovating your entire kitchen! This under-cabinet rack lets you keep cutting boards within reach but still out of the way, and it can be installed in a matter of seconds—just slip it onto the bottom of your cupboard. The organizer even has two bars where you can hang kitchen towels to dry your hands while cooking.

12.‘ToeKick’ drawers for pans and platters

These “ToeKick” drawers are hidden in a typically wasted space: The baseboard under your kitchen counters, and their slim design is ideal for storing baking sheets, platters, and other thin items. Plus, the best part is that they’re push-activated, so you can open them with your feet! This one is definitely going on my dream kitchen wishlist.

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