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Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about what goes into our everyday cleaning agents and how safe they actually are for homes. With this shift in thought came the rise of DIY cleaning agents made at home with ordinary ingredients from the pantry. There’s now a homemade cleaning solutions for every household problem, from spills and leaks to scratched up surfaces.

#1: Baking powder for furniture

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Dropped some coffee on the sofa? There’s a homemade cleaning solution for that– baking powder. Mix some baking powder in water and dab the paste onto the spot, letting it sit for half an hour. Dust off the dried powder and your stain would’ve reduced quite a bit! If the upholstery material doesn’t hold up well under liquids, consider sprinkling on the baking powder alone. This also removes odours and can be vacuumed off once done.

#2: Lemon juice for the kitchen

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It’s common knowledge that lemons contain citric acid, but only recently has it come to light how effective the acid is to clean with. Lemons are great for cleaning copper bottom pots because it breaks down stains and grime, bringing out a natural shine. It’s also a natural bleach when exposed to the sun, so if you have aprons or kitchen cloths that are stained, consider soaking the spot in diluted or concentrated lemon juice for a while. Pour some lemon juice into a spray bottle with water to use as a cleaning solution for countertops.

#3: Vinegar for the bathroom

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Vinegar has the power to cut through all the dirt and soap scum you’ll find in a bathroom, leaving it fresh and hygienic. To wipe off fingerprints and stains on mirrors and glass doors, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray the surface and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. The same cleaning solution can be used to clean tiles, counters and cabinets. Undiluted vinegar, when mixed with baking powder and used as a liquid scrub, thoroughly cleans and disinfects the toilet bowl.

#4: Baking soda for all stains

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

There’s nothing baking soda can’t do, and removing stains from clothing is one of its strengths. It reduces odour, so if you’ve got a pile of laundry that doesn’t smell right, you know what to do. Additionally, baking soda also makes your regular detergent work harder. As a mild abrasive, it gently works stains out of fabrics without damaging them and can be used as a softener as well. Moreover, it can remove stains from tiles as well as grout.

Pro Tip: Whenever you’re testing out a new DIY cleaning solution, consider ‘patch testing’ first. Try out your solution on a small hidden patch. If in 24 hours it hasn’t caused an adverse reaction, you’re good to go! Patch testing is especially important before throwing baking soda into the laundry or vinegar onto cabinets– you don’t want to pay extra for repairs and replacements!

Whatever your household problem, there’s a homemade cleaning solution for it. Replacing manufactured agents with natural ones make your home and housekeeping process clean and green!

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