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Do your kids hate to do their homework? Homework can be a tedious activity for restless little minds, and most kids would rather play than sit down with their books. With these kids bedroom ideas create an engaging, fun, lively and comfortable study space is not just conducive to studying but also sets the right mood. Design a space that makes study time a pleasure, and you’ll never have to nag them to finish their homework on time again!

Follow these five easy kids bedroom ideas, and you can create a space that your children will love.

1. Make it Personal

All that younger kids need is a desk and a chair, and some space to organize their books, toys and stationery. What’s important is that this space should belong to them, so that they get a sense of ownership. Give them a separate desk for their work, pencil and crayon holders, and a shelf for their stuff. Hand over the responsibility of putting away their books and cleaning up once they are done, and get them involved in doing up the décor.

This study space for a six-year-old is friendly, warm and inviting. Each of the coloured circles on the wall could hold a piece of artwork done by your child. Note how adding bright and colourful furniture accents and vibrant pops of colour in the decor can make a world of difference to the mood.

2. Create the Right Ambience

This charming space is the perfect schoolroom for a child who is being home tutored. The chalkboard wall allows easy tutoring sessions, while the neat and simple desk and chairs are scaled down to your child’s comfort.

Straight backed wooden chairs work well in a study room, as they make your child sit up and stay alert. It’s not so much about comfort here, as about utility; and you don’t want your little one getting so comfortable that she falls asleep.

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3. Provide Adequate Lighting and Connectivity

Your children need ample light to be able to study with focus. Setting the desk in front of a window that lets in natural light is a good idea, but ensure that the view outside does not prove to be too distracting. Provide a table lamp for focused light and some general lighting for the room as well.

This study space is perfect for a teenager who does his homework on his laptop. Check to see if the Wi-Fi router is located close enough to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for online classes. Also provide a good headset and a sound system, so that nuggets of knowledge are not lost in transit.

4. Keep it Organized, Keep it Simple

A clutter-free study space that is neatly organized can motivate your child to sit down without distractions. This study space, set up in a hallway off the family room is perfect for a slightly older child who still needs some supervision. You can keep an eye on him even as you do your work at another end of the room. Sober colours, adequate storage and a neatly defined workspace will help your child to study in peace without noise and distractions. 

5. Provide the Tools they Need

Kids need pin-up boards, space for chart papers, pencils, crayons, and other paraphernalia to set the mood for study. Everything needs to be easily accessible in the same room so that they don’t need to keep going in and out once they sit down with their books. Today’s schools use a lot of DIY activities to reinforce classwork, so make sure they have a wide enough table that allows them to make posters, paint charts and create presentations.

This room exemplifies all you can do to make sure that they have space for everything they need, and it’s all organized in individual storage boxes or shelves for easy access.

Creating a separate study room enforces regularity and ritual to the practice of studying. Give your kids a cool space that inspires them to sit down and study, and you’ll never have to worry about their homework again! We’re right here to help you to create a space they will love, so do call the Spacelush team for novel ideas and implementation of your kids bedroom ideas. 

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