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The 30 minutes/30 day kitchen cleaning plan is your answer to getting your kitchen spic and span. Not only does this help you deep clean your kitchen from bottom to top in manageable slices of time, but also saves up on hours of toil over the weekend. It covers everything, from dusting to degreasing, polishing, oven cleaning and more, but work that when done in small chunks will not seem so overwhelming.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in a home, where food is cooked and where families congregate, and yet, it is also the dirtiest! Grime, food stains, leftovers, dust, all find a good haven in kitchen spaces. As much time as is spent on cooking food, an equal amount of time should be spent in cleaning kitchens from end to end. Neglecting this, even for a day, can quickly take things out of hand. Just basic washing though isn’t enough. A certain amount of time needs to be set aside for deep-cleaning it. Rather than keeping this heavy chore for the weekend, spending just 30 minutes of your time every day, can give you a spanking clean look that you will love and anyone entering the space will appreciate.

So what is this 30 minute/30 day schedule? It involves cleaning the kitchen on a daily basis. Follow this Kitchen Cleaning Schedule & Check how to make cleaning solutions  and watch how your kitchen gets all tidied up and shiny in no time at all.

Before you embark on it though, here are 3 things to remember;

1. Set Your Own Schedule

The below 30/30 cleaning plan works well for a 3 person household with lots of dishes and general mess around. If there are more kids or a larger family, the work definitely increases, and so is the time spent on cleaning it. Alternatively, if it is difficult to set aside 30 minutes, break tasks into smaller chunks throughout the day. Maybe a 15-minute session in the morning and 15 minutes set aside after dinner can definitely ease things out.

2. Dishes + Sweeping = Daily Routine

Since dishes and sweeping are daily chores, they have not been included in this schedule. These basic chores need to be done regularly to keep the kitchen as neat and decent as possible. On days that you are not up to it though, the chores can be given a miss.

3. Watch Your Time

It is easy to get distracted, especially when doing chores that are mundane and routine. There are several distractions that can pull your attention in all directions – doorbells ringing, work mails piling up, kids screeching for attention and more. Try tracking your time regularly to know whether you are using only as much as required, and not exceeding it. You can even set a timer if it helps.

Week 1

1. Wipe down fronts of appliances and gadgets

2. Clean and wipe the refrigerator. Remove unwanted food, spoiled and rotten items.

3. Clean the top of your refrigerator and the insides of your utensil holders

4. Clean the underside of the refrigerator and top of the stove

5. Wipe down the front of cabinets and chimney. Dust and polish them.

6. Mop the floor

7. Dust and wipe down the front of cabinets and cupboards, including hobs.

Week 2

8. Wipe down fronts of appliances and gadgets

9. Empty your trash can and clean it inside and out.

10. Replace aprons, kitchen towels. Tidy cookbooks and fill hand wash containers

11. Wipe down decorative accessories, picture frames and collectables

12. Wipe down the front of cabinets and chimney. Dush and polish them.

13. Mop the floor

14. Dust and wipe down the front of cabinets and cupboards, including hobs

Week 3

15. Wipe down fronts of appliances and gadgets

16. Wipe down the interiors of cabinets and shelves

17. Clean & refill vegetable storage containers, especially onion and potato baskets.

18. Tidy the pantry and storage corners. Check canned goods, boxes and bags.

19. Wipe down the front of cabinets and chimney. Dust and polish them.

20. Mop the floor

21. Dust and wipe down the front of cabinets and cupboards, including hobs

Week 4

22. Wipe down food containers and food storage bins

23. Organize pots, pans and other frequently used items in the cabinets and drawers

24. Scrub the sink, wipe faucets and pipes

25. Wipe cutting boards, sterilize and wipe meat boards

26. Wipe down the front of cabinets and chimney. Dust and polish them.

27. Mop the floor

28. Dust and wipe down the front of cabinets and cupboards, including hobs

Lastly, as much as you would want to stick to the schedule, some tasks such as cleaning the refrigerator and tidying utensils in cabinets can take a longer time. Try and balance this out by spending less time on other day’s chores. If you want a day off, try adjusting with another day. This might be easy in small kitchens, but not the same in larger ones. For a gentle reminder of your kitchen chores, you can download the below images and keep them in a place where they can be seen frequently.

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