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Your bedroom is primarily your sleep sanctuary. Unless your current one ensures a restful and reinvigorating sleep every night, your bedroom is not fulfilling its original commitment to you. In that case, it’s past time for a bedroom makeover. You need to start by thinking about how to design the room so that it’s conducive to peaceful sleep and rejuvenation. So here are some key elements to keep in in mind when you decide on how to design a bedroom.

Focus on the bed

The single most important component in the design of a bedroom is the bed. Do not compromise and invest in the best quality mattress, pillows, comforter and duvet to ensure optimal support and the well-being of your back. The soft texture should create a cozy and inviting environment for you.

Indulge in luxurious linen

Make it a priority to buy luxurious linen including bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet cover and curtains. Consider buying silk sheets and pillow covers. Silk is extremely gentle on your body and can lull you to a contended sleep very easily. It has an amazing way of helping your skin and hair absorb moisture naturally leaving them replenished in the morning. It is naturally hypoallergenic and can also help patients of asthma, shingles, osteoarthritis and eczema. If silk sheets are beyond your budget, at least buy pure cotton sheets with high thread counts.

Think about the lighting

Sunlight can bring a lasting comfortable feeling into your bedroom design, especially when the weather is chilly or cold. However, if your bed is so placed that sun rays hit it very early in the morning and disturb your sleep, get heavy curtains to keep the light away. Combine these with sheers so you have an option for soft light during the afternoon. Use gentle lighting in your bedroom to have a soothing effect on your body even before you go to bed. Use soft wall lights and bedside lamps. For an extra cozy feeling, you may opt for tea lights and candles once in a while. When you go to bed, ensure that the curtains are drawn so that there no light entering the room from outside. Our bodies are photosensitive even while asleep, total darkness can help ensure you sleep deeply.

Adding colour to your bedroom

Your bedroom walls can act as a blank canvas for you to express yourself. Paint them in colours that reflect your personality and hues that make you feel relaxed. Neutral and muted pastels are the most favourable for reposing. Vibrant colours may obstruct deep sleep and relaxation if the walls are completely filled with them. Lighter colours make the room appear larger, while darker ones add warmth and intimacy to the room. If you want to add splashes of colours, do it in a subtle manner through bedding and décor.

Your room décor is important

Try not to clutter your bedroom. A freer room reduces stress on your eyes after a hard day. Accessorize it to create a calm, soothing environment where you relax as soon as you walk in. Add a couple of your favourite photographs or paintings on your walls to make you smile when you look at them. Adding plants elevates the soothing effect of your bedroom. They also bring in a positive energy and remove toxins. Another thing that can be vital to you comfort is airflow, so while decorating make sure you don’t block the natural air-currents in your room with furniture, screens or anything else.

Involve your other senses

Some people find certain sounds and smells relaxing and comforting. If you have problems with insomnia, think about what these are and try to incorporate them into your bedroom. Lavender, bergamot, chamomile and ylang ylang are all used in aromatherapy to help people relax, experiment with essential oils and a diffuser, or scented candles in these fragrances. Sleep sounds are another popular relaxation tool and these days they are quite easy to find. Do a search and an entire page of them will pop up for free download to your smart phone. Repetitive sounds, like the roar of the ocean, the call of birds and even that irritating noise crickets make can lull you into deep and peaceful slumber, again though, choosing what works for you is about trial and error.

The main thing to remember is that it is important to create balance and harmony in your bedroom irrespective of your bedding, décor and lighting choices. It is the most personal space in your home, so make sure that your own little oasis is a place where you feel pampered, safe, secure and relaxed, a little bit of luxury is always worth it. Remember, getting a good nights rest is practically priceless.

Go ahead, give your bedroom the respect it deserves and then you can bask in the indulgent pleasure of a blissful sleep to your heart’s content.

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